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About Us

How We Roll

At NoiseMakers, we believe music is a bridge between different cultures, ages, and beliefs. In other words, it is something we can all enjoy together.

NoiseMakers is creating a new generation of Rock Stars. Classes range from two to ten students. That way everyone can feel like they're part of a band.

NoiseMakers offers its students the chance to develop their stage presence by joining a NoiseMakers' Band and performing on stage at concerts and festivals around the area. New and unique classes are forming all the time. In fact, if you have a cool idea for a new class, let us know and we'll get it started.

NoiseMakers' classes are open to everyone, even if you didn't start at the same time. You and/or your child will enjoy our laid back, rock 'n' roll atmosphere, where you can focus on one instrument or try to learn them all. Private lessons are also available.


"NoiseMakers is such a treasure. Much more than music lessons for kids. Gabe and the NoiseMakers crew give kids an opportunity to nurture their musical talent in a safe and supportive way. The opportunities that they offer through showcases and professional mentoring are incredible. I'm very grateful for Noisemakers."
~Jennifer O.
"Great instruction for myself and my 7-year-old daughter! The teachers and staff are awesome!"
~Joe H.
"NoiseMakers is awesome! I can't explain the magic that happens here. We did a few Rock Camps and now we do a lesson during the week. It's relaxed and our son is able to learn and play parts of songs he likes. It's so cool to watch him just go and play something and the confidence and expression he receives from this is immeasureable."
~Brent D.

Meet the Teachers

Gabe Whitney


Gabriel Whitney, or Gabe, or Mr. W, or whatever you want to call him, has been working with children for over twenty years as a teacher, coach, and musician. He began playing percussion in the fourth grade and never looked back. Music has always been a major part of his life, and with NoiseMakers he has found a way to share his love of music with others.

“I'm not a music snob,” said Gabe. “I don't want to intimidate anyone out of learning how to play music. I've had a lot of teachers over the years who were great musicians (and they loved to show you that they were), but they weren't teachers. We're all different in many ways -- not everyone likes the same music. It would be boring if we did. I love teaching someone something I've never heard before. It's great! I have learned to like different genres of music over the years, but, of course, I still have my favorites.” Gabe teaches guitar, drums, piano, ukulele, violin, voice, bass, music theory, songwriting, and more.


Teacher & Rock Camp Director

The “First” Noisemaker. Cassidy and her sister, Abigail, were the first two students at Noisemakers when they started in 2008. Cassidy has played and taught guitar, bass, ukulele, piano, violin, clarinet, drums, and a wide variety of other instruments. She was promoted to Junior Leader in 2015, and then promoted again to Rock Camp Director in the summer of 2016. Cassidy has been a part of every Rock Camp at Noisemakers since 2009.



Dakota has been playing music for over ten years. He graduated from PCCA in 2015. He has played guitar in several touring bands, including his current project, Orion, in which he is both lead guitarist and vocalist.



Megan started as a drummer and advanced at a rapid pace. She quickly took to guitar, ukulele and piano as well. Currently a student at St. Petersburg College, Megan is looking forward to playing music with her students, and maybe starting a band in the near future. She also helps out with a lot of creative work at Noisemakers, including flyers and videos.



Zoe is a classically trained vocalist and violinist. She also likes working with students on guitar, drums, and piano. She recently graduated from Eckerd College, and is working as a teaching assistant at Canterbury.



Abigail has been a Noisemaker for many years. She specializes in guitar, ukulele, piano, and voice, and enjoys playing the other instruments as well. She wrote the Punkertown favorite, “Chillin' with my Best Friends.” Currently a senior at Osceola High School, Abigail is looking forward to starting college and teaching at Noisemakers.



A senior at Gibbs PCCA, Dylan is a prestigious jazz musician in the Tampa Bay area. He plays in many groups and ensembles several nights a week, and has received many honors for his skill as a saxophonist. His specialty is woodwinds, with his primary instrument being the tenor saxophone, but he also plays guitar, bass, ukulele, and piano.